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At Trachouse, we are proud to offer our clients the highest quality beauty services performed by our talented and passionate team of young, educated beauty professionals. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are leaders in the beauty industry and are serious about their craft. To get an idea of our team’s work, check out their Instagram portfolios by clicking the links below. At Trachouse, we strive to build solid relationships with our clients as their beauty providers. We want to be there for all of your milestones and personal, professional, and educational achievements. We can't wait to meet you!

Renee I Owner

Mollie I Licensed Cosmetologist

Imani I Hair Artist 

Nakima I Licensed Cosmetologist 

Stephanie I Hair Extensions Specialist 

Zhanasia I Professional Braider

Destiny I Brow Tech

Mya I Pro Make Up Artist

Katherina I Licensed Nail Tech

Latrelle I Licensed Esthetician 

Jazminx I Licensed Esthetician

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