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CT's #1 All Inclusive Beauty Experience

Trachouse was established in officially in 2017 with our first full service salon. If we venture back to 2015 to where the Trachouse vinyl letters graced a commercial wall space in our dry bar suite in New Haven, CT -- one can say it all started there. The mentality was "side hustle" and there was no clear vision. Just founder, Renee, wanting to do hair, but not in her house. She brought 3 young stylists along for the ride and they came. With no formal salon experience she did what felt genuine to her. She poured everything into the team, 110%. Renee used her college, community, and professional networks to promote her growing brand. She didn't even know what she was creating. She was hustling. The business aspect came down the line once Trachouse started making a digital stamp, and the stylists were booked. The mindset changed and business started flowing. The Trachouse Beauty Lounge was born amid the 2020 pandemic when we listened to our clients who wanted a brand they could trust for EVERYTHING. Makeup, nails, teeth whitening, brows, lashes, waxing and facials were all added to our service menu. A side hustle has  blossomed into family, legacy, and a legitimate business. Moving swiftly into another successful year of business with 15 beauty professionals, we give all thanks to God for his continued guidance, grace and love. We ask that he continue to nurture our talents and bless our guests.


Thank you, for supporting our Black & Woman owned business. 

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