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Trachouse Chrome Christmas

Embracing the Trachouse culture through our annual holiday photos - Welcome to our HOUSE!

In the heart of Trachouse, where style meets creativity, our vibrant salon culture has been flourishing since 2016. One tradition that encapsulates the essence of this unique haven is the annual holiday photoshoot, where the staff transforms into an early 2000s girl group. One thing we are going to do is match and color coordinate! We have done pink pajamas, denim and white, oversized button ups, green pajamas, black tie gala attire and now we are channeling none other than the queen herself, Beyoncé. This year's theme, inspired by Beyoncé's Renaissance world tour, showcased the diverse personalities and styles that make Trachouse a one-of-a-kind salon.

We took it upon ourselves to create our own back drop with a quick trip to Home Depot, an amazon prime order, a staple gun and some duck tape. The set came out beautiful. The magic was really in spending the time together setting it all up, helping each other shop for outfits and accessories and spending the day before doing hair and nails.

In the world of trachouse, the annual holiday photoshoot isn't just a tradition—it's a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the sense of belonging that defines the salon's unique culture. As the chrome-inspired looks graced social media feeds, they not only paid homage to Beyoncé but also showcased the vibrant spirit that makes trachouse a standout in the salon scene. Here's to ending the year with style and walking into the new one beside the incredible trachouse family.

After years and years of large group photos we have mastered the get ready window. None of this would be possible without our amazing team:

Photographer: Tyrell Reid

Makeup: Ramya Rivera & Dominique Fields

Glamorous Throwbacks Below

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Amber Ashli
Amber Ashli
20 dic 2023

Love it! Congrats to all you ladies. You all look amazing :)

Me gusta
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